The asphalt mixing plant Obalovna Letkov, a limited liability company, seated at Letkov 171, 326 00 Plzeň has been established by founding agreement concluded between the joint stock companies Stavby silnic a železnic Praha and Silnice Nepomuk a.s. on 28.03.1994, wherein the contributions of the participants to the company’s registered capital make 50 % each. The company is registered in the Companies Register maintained with the Regional Court in Pilsen, part C, entry 4772 of 15.04.1994. The company’s registered capital is CZK 4,698,000.-, Id.-No.49790633.

The subjects of company’s business activities are production and processing of building material and semi-finished products, purchase, sale and storage of fuel, operation of petrol stations, road transport, and leasing of movable assets.

The main subject of entrepreneurial activities is production and sale of hot asphalt coated mixtures for construction and repair of roads in the region of Plzeň city.

CANADER-MIXIn addition to hot mixtures the Company also produces and delivers a cold mixture CANADER-mix. We managed to improve substantially the workability of the latter under bad climatic conditions, and this mixture is recently produced with grading up to 8 mm.

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