Canader MIX

Cold asphalt mixture CANADER - mix is a mixture of a quality broken stone of prescribed grading curve and binding agent CANADER - adit. The binding agent is formed of normal-curing thinned asphalt and a modified additive I. A. R. , a product of the Canadian company Innovative Building Product, Inc. Thanks to the additive, the mixture gains properties allowing its long-term storage and easy processing at temperatures up to –10°C. The mixture is produced in a high-capacity tower mixing plant of an Italy manufacturer BERNARDI IMPIANTI S. p. A. After cooling, the mixture is supplied in bulks or in 25 kg-PE bags.

CANADER - mix allows a cost-saving patching of potholes and small repairs of road surfaces under bad climatic conditions such as rain, snow, ice and frost at temperatures up to – 10°C. The mixture can be used all the year round for small repairs, but in particular for long distances – repairs after cross tunnels dug for utility networks, levelling of road fittings, for approaches and garden paths.

By addition of binding agent into to the mixture we managed to improve substantially its workability under bad climatic conditions at temperatures from 0°C to – 10°C. The mixture is produced and sold with grain size of 0 – 8 mm.


Service life

The work made by application of CANADER-mix shows at least the same durability as work made with hot asphalt mixtures AP 80 under optimum conditions.


The mixture CANADER - mix was subjected to prescribed tests in an accredited testing laboratory of the Czech University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering - department of road construction. The tests proved that the mixture has no negative effect on water quality or other environmental components. The chief hygienist of the Czech Republic has also given its consent to the use of this mixture.


The production of CANADER - mix is based on conclusive tests in accordance with the production specification prepared by accredited laboratory TPA spol. s r. o. Beroun. This laboratory also provides production inspection and inspection testing of the mixture produced. These tests are focused on determination of the asphalt content in the mixture, grading curve of the crushed stone, stripping resistance test and test of mixture workability at – 10°C. The mixing plant named Obalovna Letkov s.r.o. is the holder of the Quality System Certificate in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 9002, reg. no. 02/01.
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